Use Your Aircraft


Obviously this has the benefit that you are familiar with its characteristics.
It must fulfil a few non-negotiable requirements if it to be used for a test.

  • It must be legal for IFR in UK airspace. This implies an ADF, DME, VOR, an approved GPS with a current database, 8.33kHz radio and Mode S transponder.
  • Dual brakes.
  • The flight manual and its supplements must be up to date, any IFR restrictions in the manual complied with
  • If N-Registered it may need a permit for flight training.
  • It must be insured for flight training and the skill test
  • The last maintenance must have been signed off by a licensed engineer (i.e. no pilot maintenance for the previous 50 hour check)

Strongly recommended aspects:

  • An RMI rather than a fixed card presentation for the ADF.
  • An autopilot which works in both altitude hold and heading modes.
  • Low gear and flap limiting speeds.

There is no longer any requirement to fit screens; a simple hood or foggles will suffice for both training and the skill test.