Home Airfield

We are based at Gloucester (EGBJ) and focus on the likely test routes.  Given time limitations and single engine piston aircraft speeds, the test is very likely to involve Gloucester and either Cardiff or Oxford. The number of routes with a suitable short airways leg are limited. Time spent climbing to high levels to gain entry to controlled airspace is therefore minimised, approach fees are relatively modest and traffic density is low so that ATC delays are unlikely. Gloucester has full ATC, night lighting, ILS, RNP and NDB/DME approaches.

Gloucester Airport EGBJ

From a real world perspective, concentrating on local airfields when the rating allows you to fly anywhere worldwide is not ideal. Given the nature of the skill test, we compromise and as soon as you are confident on the test routes we include a route to other destinations, preferably those that accommodate training flights to fit in several procedures. These include Exeter, Hawarden, or further afield according to preference. Note that such further afield flights, while valuable and enjoyable, do not have the same short term training value as an intensive local flight with multiple holds and/or approaches.