Instrument Rating Training Pricelist

Naturally enough people want to know the cost of a CB IR. We have over the years tried various pricing structures but in the end, have returned to the simple and straightforward one we started with.

The ATO charge is £300 a day (including VAT) and provides an instructor dedicated to a single student and the use of our facilities.

The student is responsible for all their own aircraft flight costs including airport charges. Gloucester fees can be found here.

Ground briefing may be available remotely via Zoom where mutually convenient at the discretion of individual instructors at a rate of £50/hour (including VAT).

Where technical issues or weather prevent flying, the time will be spent onsite conducting ground school.

The only additional charge is the skill test fee to the CAA, currently £826 plus the aircraft hire if required. An instructor generally supports you on the day of the skill test day at no charge.

When we try and translate these basics into the hit on your bank account, it’s a different matter. Candidates may take anything from 15 hours to over 60 hours of dual instruction. On average candidates fly three airborne hours a day in 2 flights. This usually translates into nearer four hours of block time and is about all a candidate can manage without the learning becoming less efficient.

This means your budget might be as little as £10,000 allowing for some accommodation costs or as much as £30,000. The brutal fact is that once you start the course, then it takes as long as it takes and you would be unwise to start if you are working to very tight financial constraints.

The nature of the Competency Based training route is that the number of training hours required will vary widely. While this allows the best and most focussed candidates to complete in a short time, for others it could be misleading.

Realistically, very few pilots are likely to be fit to pass a UK IR Skill Test in the minimum 10 hours ATO airborne flight training mandated.

Training and revalidation/renewals are charged on the same basis.

Additional costs to consider:

  • Theory Knowledge training course and exam fees
  • Class 2 medical which must include an audiogram
  • CAA fee to add the rating to your licence

Payment Terms

Payment can be made by cash or bank transfer. Payment to be made in advance of training unless agreed beforehand.

Prices valid from July 2021

Errors and Omissions excepted.