Why Rate One Aviation?

We are highly specialist. We only provide advanced training, mainly instrument training for private pilots. We have no involvement in ab-initio training or in commercial training. Our aim is to increase the proportion of European pilots who gain advanced qualifications. Our aircraft and staff are totally focussed on delivering the highest possible quality product. We don’t have students or cadets, we have customers.  Our CFI spent 6 years as a representative of PPL IR Europe and Europe Air Sports working on the CBIR and in fact produced most of the early drafts of the legislation. It is fair to claim that no-one knows more about this very special niche than we do.

Secondly, we only aim to deliver a modest number of ratings each year. These are taught on a full time or part time basis. Either way, instrument training to a high standard is demanding in terms of time, application and concentration. Not everyone want to devote this much concentrated time to flight training. Rate One Aviation actively wants to encourage as many flight schools as possible to offer instrument training. This site welcomes links to anyone who offers instrument training. We are happy to talk to such schools or to independent instructors about using our resources.

So it’s really quite simple. If you are a European private pilot who wants to get an IR or an IR(R) using the highest quality equipment available with the very latest teaching techniques to give you the best possible chance of a first time pass in the skill test then Rate One Aviation is the place to be.