Rate One Aviation provides instrument flight training for private pilots. We only offer courses on an intensive basis, typically in two or three blocks of a few days each.

Flight training is very demanding and in return for our promise to give you the very best chance of a first time skill test pass in the minimum of time we do expect that you do a considerable preparation before the course and have no distractions whilst you are with us. The best way to start is to come for an introductory day or weekend. This gives you a chance to really understand what is involved. You can also judge whether the Rate One Aviation training methods work for you and assess whether we are likely to deliver on our promise.

You will need quite a lot of teaching and study to bridge the gap between the TK and the knowledge you need in practical flying. We provide ground instruction and self-study materials that cover this extensively. Traditionally the European skill test has not included the oral examination that is a key feature of the FAA skill test but the emphasis here may be changing a little. We think this applied theory is important in itself and we deliver the range of knowledge appropriate to the task. Our briefing notes cover some 80 topics and about half are likely to be relevant to an individual pilot and a specific course.

Remember, one of our aims is to encourage instrument training in general. We are perfectly happy to discuss how best you might achieve your aims in more flexible or cheaper approach if that’s what you want. This could include instruction taken elsewhere and/or independently outside an ATO. We will always sign off any instruction you receive from us so that you will gain full credit for it.