Theoretical Knowledge

The scope of Theoretical Knowledge required for the CBIR is substantially less than that previously required, omitting content relevant only for airline pilots. A typical timeframe would involve a few months distance learning incorporating 16 hours of face to face or online consolidation followed by two days to sit the exams. Most courses provide their material electronically, with interactive quizzes on iPads and/or online. There are also standalone books available to assess the content and depth of material you will be required to absorb and understand.

There are several exam test centres throughout the UK, scheduled through the CAA’s online booking system. The UK CAA restricts the number of times candidates can retake exams and limits the timeframe to pass them to 18 months. Thereafter all flight training, successful skill test and licence application must be completed within 36 months.

Theoretical Knowledge (TK) Course Providers

Although we do not offer TK training ourselves, we are aware that the following organisations are now offering approved courses in the UK:

Integrating theory and practical aspects

In general, getting the TK out of the way before commencing flight training is sensible. Although the TK is now much more manageable and relevant, it is likely to prove a distraction to flight training if not completed first.

Nonetheless, it may suit some people to take one or two days IR flight training during TK study. This could help put the TK into context and also give you a clear idea of some of the applied TK that you will need to master before you get very far into the flight training. Typically this applied TK focusses on checks, speeds, power settings and standard operating procedures.

As ever, this will very much be up to individual preference, and is something we should discuss at an early stage.