I fly a glass panel aircraft. Is this a help?

Yes and no.  You can fly the test with your aircraft, but in addition you will have to demonstrate limited panel skills using round dial instruments.  This can be done in an aircraft or a FNPT2, and is then signed off and recorded by an IRI. You can regard this as making the main test easier.  

Alternatively, it is now possible to test using the reversionary mode or standby instruments. To quote Standards Document 1A Q and A’s: ‘Whatever fall back or secondary presentations fitted to the IFR legal aircraft are acceptable. You must furnish a means to cover or deny use of primary heading and attitude displays’. This is an emerging situation however, and you do need to contact us for the very latest practice. 

There is no doubt that having a decent autopilot and a continuous wind display is an advantage.  Historically the pass rate on glass panel aircraft has been slightly higher than on aircraft with the traditional six pack.