Winter 2015 offerings

There is now evidence that pilots are starting to believe that the competence based IR is here to stay and have decided to give it a go. The early adopters started the theoretical knowledge (TK) courses in the autumn and early indications are that the courses are working out well and passing the exams is the norm. There have been various hiccups with the CAA exam booking system but these seem to be resolving themselves.

While in general terms its best to get the TK out of the way early in the process we strongly advise pilots to visit the ATO where they expect to finish their course quite early in the process.

A few pilots appear to imagine that some rather unstructured practice at their local airfield will enable them to just arrive at an ATO late in the day and then expect to pass the IR in the legal minimum of 10 hours. This will lead to unnecessary expense and disappointment. You need to have a clear idea at the outset what sorts of standards are expected. You need to be clear on the checks and operating procedures plus the likely content and location of the skill test.  If it is inconvenient for you to do all your training at the ATO you can, with their help, focus your local dual practice on the skills you really need and address any weak areas. Perhaps more importantly you can try and eliminate any bad habits and use the required checks and procedures in all your solo flying.

To encourage pilots to take this prudent course Rate One is offering an assessment flight and associated ground training at Gloucester for £250 including VAT. This assumes you bring your own aircraft and meet all landing fee and approach costs. We can of course provide an aircraft if required (see below)

The exact content of the day will vary according to your experience and the aircraft concerned. The instructor is dedicated to you for the whole day which will typically include:

  • An extensive briefing prior to flying an abbreviated test route
  • A full debrief.
  • Ground school on checks and in flight procedures.
  • Checking all of your aircraft documents and personal licenses to identify any issues

If you would like Rate One to provide an aircraft for the above we can do so for an all-in cost of £495 including VAT for which you get all of the above  plus the aircraft, fuel, approach & landing fees.

The day can be extended to cover retractable undercarriage, variable pitch propeller and glass cockpit differences training and sign offs.  It could also extend to an IR(R) revalidation and/or FAA BFR Checks.

You can expect to end the day with a clear understanding of the nature of the test and the performance standards expected.  We also provide an estimate of how many hours training you are likely to need.   We will factor in your own assessment of your personal motivation and the degree to which personal and business commitments will force compromises on the ideal training regime. While there can be no guarantees there is absolutely nowhere else that could give you a more accurate and informed advice.

We expect to be able to offer IR holders with a minimum of 500 hours total time the chance to fly a single engine turbine aircraft and (subject to pending CAA approval) gain the class rating.  This will be a completely individual program tailored to each pilot’s background and ambitions. Send your contact details to and we will give you a call to explain what’s on offer.