FAA/EASA Conversion Deadline postponed until 2017

At the last minute, EASA has formally confirmed a further extension of the deadline until next April 2017 for third country IR holders to acquire an EASA IR. There is apparently no intent to change the conversion requirements already published (i.e. a proficiency check not an initial skill test) and this delay is merely caused by administrative matters. Our advice remains to do nothing unless you have some particular reason to get the conversion finished. The existing conversion via the CBM IR is not unreasonably demanding and we have now done several successful conversions on that basis for pilots who wanted to just get it ‘done and dusted’.

The UK CAA has published information notice 2016/036 which takes immediate effect

If you do wish to proceed with a FAA/EASA IR conversion anyway, we can complete that efficiently for you either in your own aircraft (doesn’t need to be EASA registered) or in ours.
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