The 40 hour IR is now law but it may takes months for the CAA to approve an ATO for the completion course . If you have passed the old theory exams and have been waiting for the new system we offer 10 hours qualifying simulator time without additional charge. If you can start a full time course  in the next three months and are flexible on dates  we may be able to offer a further price reduction. Contact us and let us know your requirements.

We will be at the Friedrichshafen show in April. If you would like to chat about future plans send an Email and arrange to see us. If you are unsure when you will be visiting you can also leave a message at the PPL IR Europe stand.

We expect demand for the second half of 2014 to far exceed supply with the backlog of thousands of FAA to EASA IR conversions across Europe. However in the next three months we have spare capacity. If you are  flexible on dates and can start a full time course for the UK IR(R) in the next three months give us a call and we may be able to offer a very attractive price.

We have produced a 20 page  guide for FAA IR conversions. Its £10 including post and packing.(refunded if you then train with us) Drop us an Email with your address and we will send you a pay pal invoice.

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